Nebraska Statewide Arboretum encourages affiliates to label their plant collections.

The following standards have been developed for attractive, long-lasting labels.

Labels typically include common name, scientific name, and NSA logo on larger labels.

Trees and shrub labels

Labels are typically photo-aluminum in one of three sizes:

  • Standard labels - 3x5" designed to fit on 4x6" posts or 6x6" lumber ripped in half and cut at an angle. (Example)
  • Shrub labels - 2x3½" designed to fit on 2x4" lumber cut at an angle. 
  • Memorial/dedication labels - 4½ x 5½" designed to fit on 6x6" lumber cut at an angle. (Example)

Perennial label printing

For printed labels, prepare a plant list with common and scientific name (family name optional) on an Excel spreadsheet file and email information to Bob Henrickson. The printed labels will be sent to you to mount. The labels are printed on weather- and fade-resistant tape that has been tested & manufactured by gardeners for gardeners. 

Cost is $20 for setup and $.50 per label.

Perennial label posts - 1 1/8" x 3 1/2" (i.e. about 1x3") Order posts and get prices directly from Kincaid Gardens for stainless steel "captive plate" plant markers with a removable plate that won't fall off and heavy duty 10 gauge stainless steel posts. Available in 10", 15" and 20" lengths.

For custom size photo-metal labels, call 402/472-2971

Dedication/Memorial or Other Special Labels

The preferred size for dedication/memorial or other labels with special wording is 4½ x 5½ inches. Exceptions may include standard 3x5 inch labels to which a few words, such as "Class of 1994" are added. Custom sizes are available for special projects. Call NSA for details.

QR codes

A great way to direct visitors to your affiliate website. QR code signs can be placed near entrances, in a visitor center, or even attached to signs (like this example, at Halleck Park in Papillion)

QR codes are a simple way for smartphone users to "snap" a picture of the QR code and have a website called up on their phone's web browser. Events, photos, inventories, and other information posted to your affiliate site's webpage will be at their fingertips!

Label prices

Subject to change. Please call 402/472-2971 before placing order.

  • Perennial labels cost $20 for setup and $.50 per label (see above) 
  • $6 for shrub (2 x 3.5") labels
  • $7.75 for standard (3 x 5") labels
  • $16 for dedication (4.5 x 5.5") labels


The preferred method of mounting permanent labels is on wood posts made of cedar, redwood or CCA treated lumber. Post dimensions will vary depending on size of label. For 3x5" standard labels we recommend 4x6" post or 6x6" post ripped in half to help reduce costs since the number of posts will be doubled for the same linear foot. For 4½x5½" labels a 4x6" post works best. A 2x4" post will suffice for shrub labels. Posts should be placed at a uniform 12-16" height with an equal length buried in the ground. Where vandalism may occur, concrete may be used for additional security.
A post's label face should be cut at least at a 45-degree angle; or a 35-degree angle to discourage birds from roosting. The label is best attached on opposite sides with adhesive and one-way galvanized, marine or brass screws to prevent rust.


While our goal is to provide uniformity and continuity to the NSA labeling program, proposals for alternative labels can be submitted to NSA for review.

Ordering labels

To order labels, send your list of plants with common and scientific name ( family name if desired). Also include contact person, site name, shipping address and phone.

Call or email your information to Bob Henrickson, P.O. Box 830715, Lincoln, NE 68583

An invoice will be included with your labels.

Nebraska Statewide Arboretum
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