One of the benefits of being a member of NSA is access to rare or overlooked plants from the Research Consortium, a unique plant evaluation program. Most programs conduct tests through cooperating nurseries, botanical gardens or university trials. NSA members evaluate these plants across the state and beyond. This is important not only because of the variable soils and climates that occur, but also because everyone cares for plants differently.
     For gardeners, it means the opportunity to plants that are uniquely your own. For the Arboretum, it's a chance to identify and test new plants or plants with little history in Nebraska. Once tested, we work to promote plant selections that receive high marks to the nursery industry, garden clubs and the general public.
     Below is the evaluation members fill out after trialing plants in their home landscapes. We hope you will join, try out some unique plants and let us know how they did in your landscape.


Results of Research Consortium submissions